Weeds - Season 5

Weeds - Season 5 123movies

After Nancy informs Esteban that she';;;s pregnant, he allows her to live but has bodyguards assigned to her and forces her to undergo a chorionic villus sampling to be sure the baby is both a boy and his. Nancy';;;s older sister Jill arriving in town, and Silas and Doug trying to launch a medical-marijuana dispensary, though their plans are in danger of getting snuffed out by meddling Deputy C.P. Jones. Later, Nancy discusses the possibility of an abortion with her obstetrician, parenthood struggles lead Nancy and Andy to bond, and Celia is the target of a revenge plot.  

Genres: Crime , Drama

Starred-by: Mary-Louise Parker

Creators: Jenji Kohan

Country: United States

Runtime: 44 min

Quality: HD

Years: 2009

Rating: 8

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